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The purpose of all this information is to let you know the correlation (red thread) between the Original German Wullenweber DF antenna Array and all other antennas about.


From Direction Finding to Finding a Direction to use an EM weapon for influencing the human health.

(his environment but also his brains)


My research into the presence of or the remains of Gigantic DF antenna structures started after publications of former American soldiers in the SKCC group in November 2011.

They were scattered all over the ‘western’ world when they served in the U.S. armed forces


All places I found in Google Earth have a Tag


The text after the hyperlink is in Dutch

Use eventual Google’s Translation


Name: Jan Pieter Oelp

Born: April 28 1940

Address: Noordenbos 26

NL-4931VB Geertruidenberg

The Netherlands


51.704870 N   4.845596 E

License since 1981

Callsign: PA3CLQ


Your any reply to:

Previous Callsign: PE1HKS 1981-1982,

PI800GTB May, November & December 2013

CW Operator of the Dutch Old Timer Club OTC with the Callsign PI4OTC

CW Operator with the Callsign PI4RAG

In January during 28 days QRV as “K3Y DX Operations from the Netherlands” with the Callsign PH6SKCC

99,95% CW = Continental- or International Morse code

Use a Straight key, SideSwiper key or a BUG


Member of:

AGCW-DL #1491, BQC #313, BTC #187, CTC #140, CWJF #411, DIG #3873

DTC #382, Dutch OTC, Dutch Seal #160, GACW #932CDX, GTC #295, LZOCC, MorseKopGroup

MTC, NAFRAS #23, PRO-CW-CLUB #40, QCWA #33978, RTC #354

SKCC #2765, SlowSpeedWireGroup, SP-CW-C #244, SRS #1996232

SSNGroup, TRC #007, VERON #1583


Thanks to the P.N.E.M. now ESSENT / RWE which I have met inspiring people like Theo Hessing.

Thanks to Piet Roovers PA0PAR & Cor Struijk PA0GTB for their contribution to obtain my

Radio F-License CW included

Special thanks to the deceased J v d H who taught me intricacies as technical undercover investigator, this was in my research on Giant Antennas very important



“DF-Antenna Wullenweber Array”


“DF-Antenna USSR Variants”


“DF-Antenna USA Variants”




Western OTHRA”


“From Huge Tesla generator to ”HAARP” Project”


“ELF  & VLF Signals in and above the ground”


Increase Your I.Q. by Exercise”


Power measurement in Generators of Power plant & HS-Lines

From 1964 till 1990"